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How do you handle intimidating drivers

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ONE OF THE SCARIEST THINGS on our roads, and increasingly one of the most common, is being tailgated by a following motorist.Tailgating (or travelling too close to the car in front) is one of the most dangerous on-road behaviours, for both the tailgater and the vehicle being tailgated.When I use to work for Mike Ferry, the best trainer and coach from the Real Estate industry, my team leader was a very arrogant driver. Revving the engine, driving up too close to the back wheel and generally being a nuisance.On the surface, they may come across as domineering, confrontational, demanding, hostile, or even abusive.

When you feel upset with or challenged by someone, before you say or do something you might later regret, take a deep breath and count slowly to ten.They know what they want and they aren’t afraid to let you know. They normally have little to no emotion and make decisions quickly and assertively.Drivers may appear intimidating, however, you must remember to put your emotions aside and not take things personally.This tends to make drivers very mad and I wouldn’t recommend it! Some times I will claim the lane because if I fear that the aggressive driver is going to attempt a stupid overtaking then it’s worth me forcing them to stay back.Other times I’ll just move to the side and let them pass.What do you do with an aggressive driver “on your six”?