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Outlook webdav calendar not updating

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maybe the "server" that checkbox is referring to isn't the Web DAV server you're publishing to, but the Exchange server your Outlook account is associated with, and it's pulling from some Exchange-specific property, e.g., , documented in RFC-5545, not to be confused with Apple's i Cal) format for the data exchange.i Calendar accommodates non-standard properties that start with a "X-" prefix.I'm working on a custom implementation of a server (VERY basic Web DAV) that accepts Outlook's published calendars.Outlook seems to have a setting (see the screenshot below) where it accepts a parameter form the server that tells it how often to re-publish the calendar and that's the parameter I'm trying to figure out.If the setting is not specified Outlook defaults to 60 minutes which doesn't work for me but I cannot find any information on what the parameter might be (I am aware that Outlook's settings can be adjusted within the UI but I need it done automatically via a response from the server).

It's supported by Microsoft for Outlook & Sharepoint, and possibly by some more calendar publishers, but not by Google or Apple.Example values: There's also some work-in-progress to officially add a similar property to the i Calendar spec. They have a lot of meetings and their schedule is very important to them. The server is Windows Server 2003 running Exchange 2003.For many offices, the most frustrating experience related to Microsoft Outlook is finding out that, unless you are using Microsoft Exchange Server, there is no simple, built-in, reliable method for sharing contacts and calendars.That's right, there's no "magic wand" you can wave to enable people to easily share Outlook data without Exchange.Easy, affordable and effective; download free trial version at Real-time synchronization, Internet sharing, shared personal and public folders in Outlook. This feature allows you to email all or part of your calendar, or publish it to the Internet or any a WEBDAV server.