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So I took it upon myself to port it over from the Objective-C original, with some written in Swift and nothing else.The same goes in reverse for my Objective-C projects. It utilises a , which will refresh the label at the native cadence of the display, each time the value of the label is to be modified.As you can see from the screenshot, the Text Block is automatically updated when you enter text into the Text Box.In a non-bound world, this would require us to listen to an event on the Text Box and then update the Text Block each time the text changes, but with data binding, this connection can be established just by using markup.A binding like that would look like this: The Path notes the property that you want to bind to, however, since Path is the default property of a binding, you may leave it out if you want to, like this: You will see many different examples, some of them where Path is explicitly defined and some where it's left out. A binding has many other properties though, one of them being the Element Name which we use in our example.This allows us to connect directly to another UI element as the source. Whenever I’m writing an app I always pay too much attention to detail.I get hung up on the little things, and this time is no different to any other. My score label started at X and ticked up or down, until it reached the destination value.

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Then you customize your app for each target market that you want to support.The picture below is an example of changing the title text, but not confirming the change.You’ve probably seen this little checkbox before, but never really knew what it was doing.But before you can localize your app, you have to internationalize it.Internationalization is the process of making your app able to adapt to different languages, regions, and cultures.Although, aligning to a common element is possible with some other or UI anything, but they will be less constant in position than the margin.