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He becomes a favorite of King Saul and a close friend of Saul's son Jonathan.

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So when shadow Sita went inside the fire, actual Sita came out.

What I always failed to understand was why Ram had to make such convoluted plans that would be known by none in any case.

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Some explain that the Sita which was kidnapped by Ravan was actually a shadow of Sita and actual Sita was hiding inside fire.Evangelists cite this episode (among many others) to convince Hindus to leave Hinduism and accept any other religion.It is a favorite of Dalit movement protagonists who showcase this as an example of Brahminical dogmatism.If you drive a car, if you use signal lights to turn or change lanes, a lot of drivers will not let you pass through.Filipinos are overly emotional How else to describe a people who elect their leaders based on a perceived sense of “honesty” and because their relatives died?Consider this a list, not exhaustive, of character traits that Filipinos need to overcome if they want to emerge as a better society – definitely better than their current situation indicates.